Improves employee engagement

-Resulting in increased employee performance

Improves retention of employees

and reduces costly turnover;

Increases cash flow by 3-5%

For each $100,000,000 of employee cost during each twelve - month period.

Why Choose Us

The preeminent polling organization Gallup reports in its January 28, 2015 article “Majority of U.S. Employees not engaged despite gains in 2014” that only 31.4% of employees are Engaged!

At Employee Engagement & Retention Advisors, LLC, we agree with Gallup’s highest category that we call “Highly Engaged.” Then we break the remaining 69% into three other categories. “Somewhat Engaged” employees are about 14%. Somewhat Disengaged” employees are 35%. “Actively Disengaged” employees are 20%.

Since you make 25% profit per hour on Highly Engaged employees and break even on Somewhat Engaged employees, you are losing money on 55% of your employees!

We can help you fix that.