Alan RolnickAlan Rolnick is the President and Founder of Employee Engagement and Retention Advisors LLC who created the PURE™© business process that teaches companies how to get the most out of their investment in their people by strengthening relationships from top to bottom, improving the effectiveness of their communications program by making it “employee friendly,” and increasing employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Alan spent 34 years in employment law as a managing partner in the law firm of Constangy, Brooks & Smith at its Atlanta headquarters working with some of the largest companies in the US. His forte was the identification of issues affecting corporate profitability and then designing practical business processes to raise employee engagement and increase retention.

Rolnick is most proud of PURE, “Positively Unique Relationships with Employees,” a “game-changing” business process in human capital management.  As a revolutionary approach to leveraging employee strengths for the benefit of team performance and aligning employee efforts with the company’s business goals, PURE teaches more effective and employee friendly communications and supervisory development that teaches supervisors how to cease micromanagement and move from managing work to managing people.

Alan Rolnick graduated from Bucknell University with a BA in Political Science and received his JD degree from Emory University Law School. After completing law school, he spent almost five years with the New Orleans and Atlanta offices of the National Labor Relations Board before joining the law firm. He left the law firm to bring his creative ideas to a larger audience.